London Barndance: May 2020 virtual dance

Our first virtual dance was on 9th May 2020. A week or so before the event we sent out a link to a piece of music - a waltz in this case - and asked people to send us short videos of them dancing to it. We got 31 video clips which we edited into a composite video called Lockdown Waltz which was shown during the event.

Bearded Dragons provided several recordings of dance music as live performance by "socially distanced" musicians across the Internet is very difficult. We had two called dances, a quiz in three parts, music to dance along to, and an interval with a chance to chat with other paricipants. We did not record the live event, but the waltz video is available online. Vic played out live using his amazing array of synthesisers and sequencers. The whole event ran for about 90 minutes and some people stayed on Zoom for another 2 hours to chat!

Keep an eye on the London Barndance YouTube channel for more goodies from later events.