London Barndance History

London Barndance Company was founded in 1982 by Bernard Chalk, Tom Holloway, Jac Solomons, and Anne Willcocks to encourage the enjoyment of traditional music and dancing in all its forms.

Jane Curry and Andrew Findlay took over the organisation of events in November 1983, and with occasional help from a small group of supporters have been running things ever since.

With Bernard and Blue Mountain Band as the most frequent lineup in the early years, a 'mid-Atlantic' style soon developed and most evenings included a mixture of squares, contras and patter calls with one or two traditional English dances thrown in.

Many other well-known bands and callers have performed for us over the years. Particularly memorable ones include Arden Folk, Four-Leaf Clover, Kelly's Eye, Alterations, Hoedown and Mosaic on the music side, with John Chapman, Mark Elvins, Joe Hodgson, and Ken Bonner all making regular appearances as callers. From time to time we are able to welcome guest performers from the States, including Kathy Anderson, Henry Morgenstein, Mike Richardson with Claude Ginsberg & Julie King, Cis Hinkle, Scott Higgs, and Notorious.

Since 2001, there has been an increasing emphasis on Contras and most of our events are now in this style.

Our complete programme history shows the line-up of bands and callers we have used over the years.