The London Barndance Company

Zesty music and high-energy dancing. This is English tradition brought up to date and given a Trans-Atlantic twist.

The next dance will be:
Saturday 13th April - Andrew Swaine with Box of Frogs

We meet once every month at Cecil Sharp House (near Regents Park). Most dances are in contra formation: long lines of couples, and most people change partners after each dance so come alone or bring a group – you will find plenty of people to dance with. It's easy to join in, as the caller will walk through all the moves before the music starts.

There is lots of scope for flamboyant dancers too: once you get the pattern of the dance you will find opportunities for extra spins and twirls. Interact with your fellow dancers: give weight to help them turn, gaze into their eyes, surprise them with an extra twist!

Oh the music! Zesty, driving, high-energy is just the start! Some of the best dance bands in the country play for London Barndance, and they mix Irish, English, Shetland and Breton tunes with swing and blues influences to produce an irresistible fusion sound – you just have to dance!

Links to the left of this page will take you to information about the style of dance, our current programme, and how to find us. We hope you enjoy the website and look forward to meeting you in the dance!

London Barndance is run by Jane Curry and Andrew Findlay. You can contact us on 01628 633962, or during the day on 01628 782565, or by electronic mail to

You will also find London Barndance on Facebook and on YouTube