London Barndance: August 2020 virtual dance

Guest Bands and Callers

We had a very varied programme this month. Ali organised the music, with a number of excellent musicians playing in unusual combinations. Dances were called by Mark Elvins, Seth Tepfer and Bob Morgan.

Swedish Masquerade

This is said to be a Danish dance making fun of the stuffy Swedes. It probably has a different name in Sweden, making fun of the Danes!
Mark, Faye, Ali and Audrey made a teaching video and a music track, and we asked dancers to send in video clips of them trying it out. Andrew edited them all together into a Swedish Masquerade Composite and we saw 24 people dancing in 13 different places across 3½ countries with music created jointly in London and California. (You will have to watch the video to find out about the "half")


Callers are rising to the challenge of remote dancing for isolated and "socially distanced" dancers. We had four new dances at this event, some of which will also work when we are eventually allowed to dance together again.

For Two or Four
Mark Elvins created this and called it for us.
Porch Swing
Seth Tepfer wrote and called this one. The music is Out on the Ocean / The Star Above the Garter played by Ali and Bill. The videos are:
The Dolphin
This was the interval waltz. Written by Nicholas Williams of Crowfoot You will find it in the Crowfoot Tunebook Played for us by Alan, Adam and Ali, and the video is here:
Not Camera Shy
Seth Tepfer adapted this from a dance called "Camera Share" by Jacqui Grennan.
Infectious Energy
Dance by Don Veino, called for us by Bob Morgan. The music is Lévis Beaulieu and Reel Saint-Joseph, played by Charley, Ian, Margaret, Ian, Bill, Anna and Ali. Bob called this live on the night, but we also have a video including the call:
Halls lilla vals
Last waltz, music by Jon Erik Hall, played here by Audrey, Ali, Alan and David.

You can find more videos from other events on the London Barndance YouTube channel