London Barndance: October 2020 virtual dance

Sue Rosen with Bruce Rosen and George Wilson

Sue, Bruce and George put together some dance tracks for us. Sue wrote some new dances for the occasion and called live from her home in the US, and George played some instrumental pieces live.

We are also had an interesting variation on Levi Jackson's Rag by Lynne Render with music from Vic Smith, and Rhodri Davies wrote and called a new dance "Partners Chain" to Chickadee's Polka played by Audrey Knuth and Max Newman. Overall a very good trans-Atlantic event!

You will find many of the tracks on the London Barndance October 2020 YouTube playlist.

Video Project

The project this month is a circle/line dance from Israel. Linda Moon teaches Chekassia Kfula with music from Jo Veal: Many people tried this and we have a Chekassia Kfula composite video involving dancers from several countries.

Here is an MP3 audio file of the Chekassia Kfula music in case you want to dance where there is not enough Internet to play the video.

Play Along

Musicians might like to play along at home. We have the dots for some pieces and we know the names of the tunes for most:

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You can find more videos on the London Barndance YouTube channel