London Barndance: April 2021 virtual dance

Adam Hughes and Nozzy

We are hoping to make this another live event, with the band and caller in diffreent towns.

Video Project

Our project for April was the Rózsa, which is a couple dance written by Gordon Potts. We got a new waltz track for it, recorded by Fromage à trois (Thomas Bending, Ali Ellacott, Audrey Knuth, David Ledsam and Adam Rich-Griffin), and the dance was taught by Rachel and Thomas Bending: Learning the Rózsa

Here is an MP3 file with just the music: Judy and Jim's Wedding

There is a description of Rózsa on Webfeet.

We asked people to give it a try and to send us a video. The original contributions are here

We made a Rózsa Composite video to show during the dance on 10th April.

Other virtual events

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You can find more videos on the London Barndance YouTube channel