London Barndance: May 2021 virtual dance

Charlie Turner with Mollie and Ali

This was a live event, with the band and caller in different towns.

Play along with the band

For musicians who would like to play along at home, here are the tunes.

Pig's Ear Set (play in)Mollie Koenigsberger
Scarce o' TattiesPortland 1
Billy in the Low GroundPortland 3
ElzicPortland 1
The GalePortland 2
Bankers' ReelMollie Koenigsberger
Devil in the Strawsack / CatharsisBoth in Portland 1
Vladimir's SteamboatPortland 2
Evit GabrielPortland 1
Carpathian Tune
A waltz for AlyTeri Rasmusson

Video Project

Our project for May was Twisted Picnic by Gill Emerson. It was originally written for a Halloween virtual ceilidh to the Teddy bears picnic music, hence the name.

Here is the walkthrough: Learning Twisted Picnic

We asked people to send us video clips of them dancing and this is the result: Twisted Picnic - danced at a distance


Fromage à Trois produced another wonderful waltz track for us: A Waltz for Aly

Other virtual events

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You can find more videos on the London Barndance YouTube channel