London Barndance Company Programme 1999

Friday, 8 January 1999
Ray Taylor and The Jay Family Band
at Cecil Sharp House, London NW1
Late News: Ray has the dreaded 'Flu. We are fortunate that Mark Elvins is able to step in to call the dance. We hope to get Ray on the programme later in the year.
Friday, 12 February 1999
John Chapman with Brian, Allie, and Maggie (BAM!)
at Cecil Sharp House, London NW1
Friday, 12 March 1999
Mark Elvins and Fiddlin' Around
at Cecil Sharp House, London NW1
Friday, 9 April 1999
Ray Goodswen and Alterations
at Cecil Sharp House, London NW1
Saturday, 8 May 1999
John Meechan and Fiddlin' Around
at Cecil Sharp House, London NW1
Saturday, 26 June 1999
Ray Taylor and B+
at Cecil Sharp House, London NW1
Saturday, 25 September 1999
Bernard Chalk and Fiddlin' Around
at Cecil Sharp House, London NW1
Saturday, 23 October 1999
Joe Hodgson and Alterations
at Cecil Sharp House, London NW1
Saturday, 27 November 1999
Mark Elvins and B+
at Cecil Sharp House, London NW1

Ray Taylor has been calling for 25 years, starting in Sussex and now based in Oxfordshire. Ray calls for a great range of events: Folk Camps, barndances, and residential events such as the Halsway Manor New Year Dance. A wide repertoire includes English, American, and singing calls - Ray is best known for `The Northern Lights' done to Blackberry Quadrille - he calls it the Eskimo Love Dance!

BAM is a combination of familiar names: Brian Stone, Allie Ellacott, and Maggie Fletcher have all played for London Barndance many times before, but never all at the same time!

Fiddlin' Around is an all-strings band formed by Brian Stone (Hoedown / Junction 24 and also the man who dances the Hopak while playing Fiddler on the Roof!). Their first public appearance in this line-up was our May dance in 1998, and the sound is amazing.... Featuring the fiddles of Brian Stone and Bob Tracey with Andrew King on bass and Malcolm Cole on guitar. Fiddlin' Around play North American, French Canadian, and Cape Breton dance tunes along with their own compositions and those with Celtic and English roots. The blend of Bob's Irish and Brian's electric swing fiddle styles produce a diverse blend of melody and rhythm which accompanied by Andrew's innovative bass and Malcolm's manic guitar produce exciting foot-tapping dance music.

Ray Goodswen is another name new to our programme, but very well known in the West Country for his American-style calling.

Alterations changes to match the dance! In April we take you to New England for a dance party: fast jigs and reels with attitude. Be prepared to experience contra madness! Led by Judith Cooper on the fiddle, Alison Ellacott on the make with accordion and bass, and Meg (It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing) Winters on guitar. Mike Green may join us on mandola if we can get him out of the bar. You've probably seen us all before at Sidmouth Festival, or somewhere between the Lounge in Shetland and the Town Hall in Totnes, but this time we mean it! See you there.

Mark Elvins is a popular and flexible caller with a wide repertoire of American and English-style dances. Some are his own compositions which he publishes in distinctive booklets - always featuring a hedgehog in gumboots on the cover!

B+ is a three-piece band with at least four instruments! Martin has been playing fiddle for dancing since his youth, blending his wide knowledge of folk with a jazz background. Colin on bass and electric guitars draws on his considerable knowledge of jazz and classical guitar to produce a unique style of playing. Barbara has played keyboards and accordion for many years and is a keen dancer as well as a musician. Music is drawn from a wide repertoire of English, American, Scottish, and Irish tunes.

Admission in 1999: £5.00 (£4.00 for LBC members and concessions) A special discount can be arranged for organised groups of ten or more people.

All events are on Fridays and start at 8pm.

The venue is Cecil Sharp House, 2 Regents Park Road, London NW1: Nearest Tube: Camden Town. Nearest BR: Camden Road

A map of the area is available from Multi-Media Mapping

Light snacks are usually available at Cecil Sharp House from 19:00 to 20:00 and the bar is open throughout London Barndance events. Tea coffee and cakes are available until the end of the interval.

For more information, see the London Barndance Company home page